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Newly Elected 2014-2015 Exec Board

Hey Members,

Congratulations to the newly elected 2014-2015 officers! They are:

President Eric Palasik
Vice President Jeffrey Dowell
Co-Treasurer Fardad Golshany
Co-Treasurer Richard Erickson
Induction Co-Chair Charles Wallace
Induction Co-Chair Brent Schlotfeldt
Outreach Chair Leah Xu

Be sure to congratulate our graduating officers Joe Percivall, Daniel Jean, Fani HG, and Simon Zhu! They’ve done a lot of great work this year and did an amazing job of running HKN!


Jeffrey & Eric

New Website!

Hey members,

Welcome to the new website! You should be sent here automatically from now on, but if you need to access the old website, you can get there here - The old website will close in about a month or so, and you will no longer be able to access it or post announcements there.

This new website has a number of advantages over the old one, most notably the University of Maryland URL and easier editing and posting features for officers. Officers should check their email for a message about how to post announcements here.

Be sure to give me any feedback or send any questions or concerns you may have at jdowell AT umd DOT edu.



HKN Professional Event – APT

Hi Guys,

Applied Predictive Technologies is coming to UMD campus on 4/11 and will be holding a recruiting information session in the CS Building in room 1121 from 2-3pm. I encourage anyone who is interested in a entry level position (Hardware or Software) to attend. For inductees, this will count towards points! Just reply back to this email with your name, so I can get a headcount! Also, you should bring your resumes! It would be a great opportunity to network with professionals in the industry!