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Franklin’s Brew Pub Dinner

Hey Inductees and Members,

It’s time for our semi-annual dinner at Franklin’s Brew Pub!  We are thinking of having the dinner this Thursday, November 13th at 6:30PM.

This is something that we do once a semester and it is a lot of fun.  It’s a great time to eat some good food and meet members and fellow inductees.  If you don’t have a car, message the HKN email and we will arrange a ride to get you there.  Please email Chad at if you plan to attend, this way he can get a head count. Thanks, and I hope to see you all there.

Eric Palasik

Booz Allen Hamilton Professional Event

Hey Members and Inductees,

Tomorrow, October 21st, Booz Allen Hamilton will be in AVW room 2460 for a tech talk.  They are looking to talk with people from HKN and IEEE about internship opportunities.  This is a great way to get your foot in the door for a possible position in the summer.

The event starts at 6:15pm.  Bring a resume if you would like to give it to them.

Inductees can earn 10 points for attending!


Eric Palasik


Hey guys! HKN and Tau Beta Pi will be hosting Northrop Grumman ES this coming Thursday. Come out to learn about the company, network, and say hello to your fellow HKN members. There will be food, and inductees can earn 10 points!

WHO: Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

WHEN: Thursday, October 23rd at 6:30pm

WHERE: KEB 1200 (Kim Building)

From the company:

“Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer and integrator of a variety of advanced electronic and maritime systems for U.S. and international customers.  Systems include high performance sensors and intelligence processing, with applications in airborne surveillance, space sensing, biochemical detection, intelligence fusing and analysis, aircraft fire control, precision weapon engagement, electronic countermeasures, inertial navigation, air and missile defense, air traffic control, ship bridge control, communications, propulsion and power-generation systems for ships and submarines, and unmanned semi-autonomous systems.  We are looking for most engineering disciplines for full time, intern, and co-op positions.  Please bring your resume.”

To register, please leave your name, major, and society (HKN) on the following signup – .


Jeffrey Dowell, VP

Opportunities at Digital Receiver Technology

Hey guys,

Rebecca, an HKN Gamma Xi grad, recently contacted us about internship and full-time opportunities at Digital Receiver Technology in Germantown, MD. DRT is a Boeing-owned company that develops high end SDR (software-defined radio) products. Rebecca interned in the Digital Hardware group, and tells us they “are a great group doing meaningful and challenging work.”

You can view job postings using the Boeing web site and by searching for “DRT”, or by clicking this link: Instead of posting her email address, email us at and we’ll forward any questions about the company or positions to her.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer,


HKN Certificates

Hello fellow Eta Kappa Nu members,

Everyone’s official Eta Kappa Nu induction certificate is in the new lounge in the top drawer of the file cabinet in a green hanging file.  The lounge is in EGR 0148  (email any officer for the door code).  IEEE also sent us a bunch of HKN stickers.  Feel free to take one of those as well; they are with the certificates.  You can stop by anytime this summer or in the fall to pick yours up.  If you stop by this summer, it may be somewhat barren, as we are still in the process of completing the new lounge.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Best regards,


Newly Elected 2014-2015 Exec Board

Hey Members,

Congratulations to the newly elected 2014-2015 officers! They are:

President Eric Palasik
Vice President Jeffrey Dowell
Co-Treasurer Fardad Golshany
Co-Treasurer Richard Erickson
Induction Co-Chair Charles Wallace
Induction Co-Chair Brent Schlotfeldt
Outreach Chair Leah Xu

Be sure to congratulate our graduating officers Joe Percivall, Daniel Jean, Fani HG, and Simon Zhu! They’ve done a lot of great work this year and did an amazing job of running HKN!


Jeffrey & Eric

Inductions, Elections, and Cords

Hello Members,

This Wednesday we will be having our Induction Ceremony followed by elections for the exec board for next year. The ceremony will be in AV Williams 2460 at 7:00 PM.

It is very important for members to be there in order to vote for the exec board.

Also afterwards I will have cords for those who have not gotten theirs yet. So in order to get your cords you need to attend the event.

See you on Wednesday,


Maryland Day Volunteers Needed

Hey guys,

As many of you know or will know, Maryland Day is coming up next week Saturday April 26.  Following tradition, we will be presenting a laser-field obstacle course somewhere in the Kim Engineering Building. So we need volunteers to set up the day before and the morning of.  We would maintain the laser field course throughout the day from 10Am to 4PM. We need lots of volunteers. Inductees will get 15 points per hour for volunteering.

Volunteers get a FREE T-SHIRT and FREE LUNCH for Maryland Day too! I would like to have at least 4 people per hour on Saturday. Time slots are: Friday: 4-6PM && Saturday 8AM-5PM. Reply to


Daniel Jean

New Website!

Hey members,

Welcome to the new website! You should be sent here automatically from now on, but if you need to access the old website, you can get there here - The old website will close in about a month or so, and you will no longer be able to access it or post announcements there.

This new website has a number of advantages over the old one, most notably the University of Maryland URL and easier editing and posting features for officers. Officers should check their email for a message about how to post announcements here.

Be sure to give me any feedback or send any questions or concerns you may have at jdowell AT umd DOT edu.