Congratulations to the Fall 2014 Inductees

Ekaterina Tolstaya
Emmanuel Esparza
Eric Foertschbeck
Janani Gururam
Mark Jackson
Monique K Dalton
Nabeel Bokhari
Shaked Leslau
Steve Cable


The official requirements for candidacy in 2014-2015 stipulate:

  • You must be a junior or senior by credit level (at least 60 credits completed)
  • You must have a GPA above 3.551 for CE Juniors, 3.549 for CE Seniors, 3.528 for EE Juniors, and 3.544 for EE Seniors.
  • You must have completed all 200-level EE/CP courses OR be enrolled in at least one 300-level EE/CP course if you have not completed all 200-level courses.

Induction Documents

Inductee Packet Spring 2015 (pdf) - HKNInducteePacketSpring2015.pdf.

Induction Points Spring 2015 (google doc) – click here.