Executive Board 2014-2015

President Eric Palasik epalasik AT terpmail DOT umd DOT edu
Vice President Jeffrey Dowell jdowell AT umd DOT edu
Treasurer Richard Erickson rich2050 AT terpmail DOT umd DOT edu
Professional Chair Fardad Golshany fardad AT terpmail DOT umd DOT edu
Induction Co-Chair Charles Wallace cwallac3 AT terpmail DOT umd DOT edu
Induction Co-Chair Brent Schlotfeldt brent8149 AT gmail DOT com
Outreach Chair Leah Xu leahxu AT terpmail DOT umd DOT edu

To honor previous officers for their service, the officers and the positions they held are listed below:

Officers 2013-2014

President Joe Percivall
Vice President Daniel Jean
Induction Chair Teofana Hadzhiganeva
Professional Chair Simon Zhu
Webmaster Jeffrey Dowell
Fundraising Chair Eric Palasik
Treasurer Fardad Golshany

Officers 2012-2013

President Daniel Silversmith
Vice President Jason Arora
Treasurer Yongyi Xu
Fundraising Chair Simon Zhu
Professional Chair Joe Percivall
Secretary Daniel Jean
Induction Chair Cosmas Robless
Induction Chair Andrew Herpel
Webmaster Jonathan Hou
Historian Zg Yan

Officers 2011-2012

President Andy Zheng
Vice President Justin Bare
Treasurer Jason Arora
Fundraising Chair Sean Gugger
Professional Chair Sean Weerakkody
Professional Chair Giancarlo Bautista
Recording Secretary Jonathan Ko
Corresponding Secretary Franklin Muanankese
Induction Chair Daniel Silversmith
Webmaster Albert Gorski
Historian Quan Wang