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Wu, Chensheng

Wu, Chensheng

On Leave
Electrical and Computer Engineering
2138 Kim Building

  • Electro-optics devices/cuicuits
  • Adaptive optics
  • Free space optical communication
  • Wavefront sensing
  • Image recovery 
  • Directed energy systems 

  • Novel optical sensing schemes for underwater imaging
  • Laser Beam Propagation Through the Low Atmosphere in Deep Turbulence
  • Adaptive optics for nonlinear atmospheric propagation of laser pulses
  • Nanoscale Rotating Magnetic Transmitter A Mechanically Based Antenna
  • Studies of Plenoptic Sensors and Enhanced Backscatter for Improved DE Laser Beam Correction and Targeting

ENEE408E: Capstone Design Project: Optical System Design

Article by Davis’s Research Group chosen as Editor's Pick from OSA's Applied Optics

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