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The Jimmy H. C. Lin Entrepreneur Internship Award

Jimmy Lin
Dr. Jimmy H. C. Lin

The Jimmy H. C. Lin Entrepreneur Internship Award will help students in the A. James Clark School of Engineering develop valuable professional experience by providing an award to support student internships with start-up companies in the University of Maryland-China Research Park.

Each of the award recipients will be identified by a committee that will include staff from the Clark School of Engineering and the University of Maryland-China Research Park.

An award ceremony will be held each year for the recipients of these awards.

Jimmy H.C. Lin Entrepreneur Internship Award Recipients

  • Tingzhen Du, Electrical Engineering
    Working for Inforvellor
    Tingzhen is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering who interned at Inforvellor.  As a Web Software Engineer he designed and developed a shopping cart function based on J2EE, Maven and Spring MVC frameworks, wrote Java code that enabled a data model to interact a MySQL database using myBatis., and modified the current controller and service layers to create more efficient web based performance.  He was also in charge of project deployment on an Amazon AWS EC2 Linux server and RDS database.  Tingzhen was on the IEEE Signal Processing Cup team while working on his Bachelor’s degree at North Carolina State University.
  • Paige Chan, Bioengineering
    Joan ZhangWorking for VitaScientific
    Paige is a bioengineering student who will graduate in May 2017.  She interned at VitaScientific where she assisted in the daily operations of the Commercial Operations Team and researched products to respond to customer inquiries.  VitaScientificsupplies application tools to biomedical research labs. She has also been a resident advisor for the Department of Resident Life, studied abroad in China, and worked on a research project “Inducing Attenuation in Tuberculosis” for her Gemstone project.  She is also a mentor for United InnoWorks Academy.
  • Sam Parrott, Mechanical Engineering
    Working for The Loccioni GroupJoan Zhang
    Sam is a Mechanical Engineering stduent who will graduate in the spring of 2016.   At the end of his junior year he was hired by Loccioni USA and has been dedicating much of his time to them ever since. The Loccioni Group is an international, Italian-based automation and testing engineering company. Thanks to the Jimmy-Lin foundation he was able to go to Italy for an internship at the company headquarters during the summer of 2015. In Italy he lived with international interns from many different countries and was exposed to engineering practices from all over the world. His internship experience has led to a continued relationship with the company, including a return trip to Italy in the winter of 2016 and a spring co-op during his final semester in the spring of 2016.  His interests moving forward include international business with an increased interest in the eastern-Asian engineering markets.  
  • Ruchika Satalkar, Telecommunications
    Working for GigaSpaces TechnologiesJoan Zhang
    Ruchika is a graduate student in Telecommunications and expects to graduate with her Master’s degree in May 2016. During the summer of 2015, she worked as Software Development Intern for GigaSpaces Technologies in their Cloudify-Azure team. She was involved in developing plug-ins in Python for their cloud orchestration platform to enable users to easily deploy their complex applications on Microsoft’s public cloud - Azure. She will continue working on implementing new features in the field of Network Functions Virtualization for GigaSpaces in the next term as a part-time intern. In addition, she is working as a part-time Graduate Research Assistant in Robert H. Smith School of Business on a project focusing on Emergence of Communication in Socio-Biological Networks in their Center of Complexity in Business. The Jimmy Lin internship allowed her to gain valuable work experience and knowledge in the Cloud Software as well as Network Engineering domain and she hopes to pursue her career further in the same field.
  • Charles Liu, Bioengineering
    Joan ZhangWorking for Signalway Antibody, UMD China Research Park
    Charles is an undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering. He interned at Signalway Antibody in the summer of 2014.  While there he redesigned the company’s supply chain method in collaboration with a team of MBA candidates.  He also optimized office work flow by consolidating and localizing product data sheets and used his bilingual skills to serve as the liaison for Signalway Antibody’s regional offices in the US and China.  Charles has also conducted research for  Maryland's Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility and with the Cellular Biomedicine Group in Shanghai.  In the future he hopes to bridge the gap between engineering and global businesses in the biotech industry as it continues to grow at such an accelerated rate. In his free time, Charles enjoys weight lifting, reading, networking, and writing music. 

  • Joan Zhang, Bioengineering
    Joan ZhangWorking for Glodon USA, UMD China Research Park
    Joan is a sophomore bioengineering major pursuing a minor in computer science. She hopes to graduate in 2015. Since coming to the University of Maryland, She has worked in many different departments. She was a community assistant for Resident Life and a student advisor for the Clark School of Engineering. She has worked in two campus labs; the Plant Sciences Department and the Cell Biophysics Lab. She recently worked with a team to complete a mobile application for community service, placing first in the competition and earning mention in the Diamondback. When she is not in class, she spends her time tutoring, reading about personal finance, learning how to dance, and performing at the arts center on campus. For her Jimmy Lin internship, she will be working for Glodon USA in the summer of 2013.
  • Wenqi Han, Bioengineering
    Wenqi HanWorking for Signalway Antibody, UMD China Research Park
    Wenqi is a bioengineering major, pursuing a minor in project management. She will graduate in May 2015. She has two jobs at the University: one is at the Recreation Center and the other is at the Language Partner Program, where she practices speaking Chinese with other students. She is also a member of the Society of Bioengineers, where she has helped with Maryland Day projects and open houses. Next semester she will be working in a lab, determining DNA melting points. She is proud that her ENES 100 hovercraft team won first place, completing the entire task in only 32 seconds! She is also very excited that the Jimmy Lin internship will allow her to work for Signalway Antibody this summer.
  • Boheng Ma, Chemical Engineering
    Boheng MaWorking for Glodon USA, UMD China Research Park
    Boheng is a chemical engineering major and will graduate in 2014. In the summer of 2012, he worked for Glodon USA. During his internship he conducted construction market research. He explored construction software products currently available in the US to allow Glodon to customize its software offerings to target the US construction market. He has also been involved in a demolition waste recycling project with the Office of Sustainability. He was the teaching assistant for Terrapin Takeoff in China, which is a study abroad program that explores the engineering challenges that China faces and the solutions developed through innovation and technology. He is a member of the Gemstone Team PRESSURE, a research group that is seeking to efficiently harness wind energy through the use of piezoelectric materials. He hopes to have a career in renewable energy and sustainable development.
  • Liang Qiao, Civil Engineering
    Liang QiaoParasat USA, UMD China Research Park
    Liang is a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering and graduated with his Masters degree in May 2013 in project management. His research focus has been on BIM Applications in construction engineering, project risk management, and cost estimating in building construction. He is also very interested in the United States market entry level for Chinese companies. It was an honor for him to receive the Jimmy Lin Internship for the summer of 2012. He worked for Parasat USA, where he researched and obtained information on renewable energy technology companies for Kazakhstan. He contacted more than 20 companies and several started to build a relationship with the UMD China Research Park. Before working for Parasat he was with the Maryland International Incubator program.

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