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Corporate Affiliate Benefits

BenefitsFor each Corporate Affiliate we offer a unique tailored proposal to address the specific goals of the company or organization.  Partnership can include:

Speaking in an ECE Class

ECE offers a wide array of courses at all levels. There are many required courses at the freshman and sophomore level, and several project based and capstone classes for juniors and seniors. ECE offers the opportunity for our Corporate Affiliates to have a technical speaker do a presentation about a relevant topic in up to two classes per semester. Corporate Affiliates can choose the classes they would like to speak in, subject to the approval of the professor.

ECE Career Fair

ECE hosts a career fair in the Fall (October) and the Spring (March) specific to our undergraduate and graduate students. Corporate Affiliates get complimentary registration and priority placement at both fairs. 

Lobby Day

The AV Williams Building houses the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. Administrative offices and student lounges for both departments are in the building. There is a constant flow of students and faculty throughout the day. Our Corporate Affiliates have the opportunity to host a Lobby Day in which a table is set up for students to speak to recruiters/engineers. Resumes of interested students can be collected, and "swag" passed out.

Addressing Student Groups

There are several leadership organizations/groups within ECE (for example, the UMD student chapter of IEEE, the Graduate Student Association and Women in ECE). Our Corporate Affiliates have the opportunity to address the student group(s) of their choosing with permission from the student organization. 

Technical Talks

These talks are a wonderful way to help brand within ECE. Talks are held on a weekday evening. They can be technical in nature, and describe the work that the company does. "Tech Talks" can also become "problem solving" nights where the company suggests a real world problem for students to solve in a short period of time. Students become very engaged in problem solving nights and learn more about the companies' work in a fun setting. 

Invitations to Special Events

ECE often holds special events, for instance, panel discussions on various topics of interest to the Department. Corporate Affiliates receive invitations to external events the department holds. Executives from the company will also be asked to take part in the event in there is a subject area match.

Engagement with ECE Faculty

There are over 60 tenured track faculty members apart of ECE. Corporate Affiliates have the opportunity to set up subject matter specific meetings with ECE faculty. Faculty are also available for tech talks/lunch and learns and seminars, subject to their availability. Additionally, faculty members are open to partnering with companies for the sponsorship of research and students. 

VIP Recruitment Opportunities 

In addition to doing talks and having priority placement at the ECE Career Fairs, Corporate Affiliates also have their choice of interview days on campus. At the request of the company, full time job and internship postings can be sent out over the undergraduate and graduate student listserves. 


Company logo on the department's Corporate Affiliate wall, website and print materials. Additional articles can be written about the partnership for ECE's electronic newsletter and alumni magazine.