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Jimmy Lin
Dr. Jimmy H. C. Lin

Mrs. Anchen Lin, the wife of Dr. Jimmy H. C. Lin, donated a number of Professor Lin's papers and photographs, including invention certificates, letters, academic papers, and other materials documenting his life and career to the University of Maryland Archives. With the help of University Archivist Anne Turkos, the historic materials have been preserved and are kept at Hornbake Library on the University of Maryland College Park campus. The archive includes the following items, listed below.

Inventory of Dr. Jimmy H.C. Lin Archive

  1. Lin, H.C. Integrated Electronics. San Francisco: Holden-Day, 1967.
  2. Lin, Jung Chang. “The Effect of Temperature on Circuits Using Alloy Junction Germanium Transistors,” Ph.D. dissertation, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1956. [contains graduation card and memo regarding preparation for Lin’s dissertation defense]
  3. List of patents issued to H.C. Lin, August 13, 2004 (3 copies)
  4. Patents for the Adaptive Mosfet Resistor (2005) and BJT Mixer for Low Supply Voltage (2004)
  5. Certificate—United States Patent 5,128,894 for the Multi-value Memory Cell Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes, July 7, 1992 [issued by the University of Maryland Office of Technology Liaison]
  6. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Certificate of Recognition to H.C. Lin for the creative development of technology, which was the subject of a NASA Tech Brief entitled “A Method for Polycrystalline Silicon Delineation Appplicable to a Double-Diffused Mos Transistor,” July 15, 1975
  7. Certificate—Westinghouse Electric Corporation—certifying that Hung C. Lin was granted ten patents by the U.S. Patent Office on inventions assigned to Westinghouse, November 30, 1966
  8. Reprint from Transistors I, “Temperature Effects in Circuits Using Junction Transistors” by H.C. Lin and A.A. Barco, 1956
  9. Scientific article in Chinese
  10. “Record from Father’s own Memory” about D.Y. Lin – Jimmy’s father (2 copies) Letter from James W. Wiggins, Director, Technology Utilization, NASA, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, recognizing Dr. Lin’s contribution to the Technology Utilization Program
  11. “Early Transistor History at RCA,” oral history with H.C. Lin Photograph of the original lateral transistor, invented by H.C. Lin in 1963 (U.S. Patent #3,197,710)
  12. Photograph of Dr. Lin speaking at a University of Maryland commencement ceremony
  13. Photocopy of three family photographs (2 copies) (one of the three images is different on each copy)
  14. Color copy of a photograph of a garden path
  15. Birthday message for Bill G.Y. Chu, prepared by Jimmy Lin, April 20, 2008
  16. Photocopy of black and white photo of Dr. Lin with his book, Integrated Electronics, c. 1967
  17. Document in Chinese, dated August 17, 2007
  18. Copies of three color photographs of Dr. Lin near Glenn L. Martin Hall, next to the Salute to Excellence certificate from the State of Maryland, and next to his plaque in the Innovation Hall of Fame Skit—Jimmy’s Magical Chip, by Daniel Lin, presented December 1998 on Dr. Lin’s birthday
  19. Article from a University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering publication— “Retirement Fund Supports an Innovative Gift: Professor Emeritus Jimmy Lin Fulfills Wish to ‘Give Back’.”
  20. Copy of Westinghouse electronic design ad—“This molecular circuit used in the improved Minuteman” [ad has been laminated and mounted on a board]
  21. Copy of Jimmy Lin’s autobiography, published in 2004 Christmas card of Dr. and Mrs. Lin (2000s)
  22. Certificate for Dr. Lin from the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, with printed (not original) signatures of James Wiggins and Dr. Wernher von Braun (1970)
  23. One-page biography of Dr. Lin and list of his publications
  24. Who’s Who of American Inventors information form and several pieces of correspondence
  25. Email correspondence with Mrs. Lin and former students of Dr. Lin (2 pgs)
  26. Photocopy of program from the 1998 Outstanding Commitment Awards (UMD), at which Dr. Lin was honored
  27. UMD College of Engineering newsletter (March 1979) featuring Dr. Lin (8 copies)
  28. Program from 2001 Academia Sinica awards night in Taiwan
  29. Binder of photos from the Academia Sinica event, including 3 discs (DVD or CD)
  30. Patents—copies and originals of 59 patents in Dr. Lin’s name
  31. Photo of Dr. and Mrs. Lin from 50th Wedding Anniversary (1999)
  32. Photo of Dr. Lin (1990s)
  33. Photo of Dr. and Mrs. Lin, children Robert and Daniel, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren
  34. Innovation Hall of Fame medal presented to Dr. Lin for contributions in Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits (1990)
  35. Maryland Engineers Centennial Medal for outstanding individual achievement (1994)
  36. University of Maryland Certificate of Retirement (1990)
  37. Certificate—J.J. Ebers Award from the Electron Devices Society (1978)
  38. Certificate—Outstanding Accomplishments at the University of Maryland (1985)
  39. Certificate—Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society (1966)
  40. Certificate—U.S. Patent and Trademark Office certifying Dr. Lin as a Registered Patent Officer (1978)
  41. Plaque—School of Engineering Outstanding Commitment Award (1998)
  42. Plaque—Professor Emeritus
  43. Plaque—Achievement Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers (1974)
  44. Plaque—Engineering Innovation Hall of Fame Award (1990)
  45. Academia Sinica Award from Taiwan (2001)
  46. Diploma from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn for Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (1956)
  47. Award for Outstanding Alumnus from Chietung University, 1980 (binder covered in red velvet)
  48. Color photograph of Dr. Lin and unidentified man, taken in 1999
  49. Small gold plaque framed in red which Dr. Lin received from five of his students, praising him for his outstanding teaching
  50. Notice of Dr. Lin’s election to the Academy of Sinica in 2000 (in larger red tube)
  51. Photograph of the members of the Academy of Sinica in 2008 (Dr. Lin appears in the fifth row, fifth from the right)
  52. Small, silver plaque Dr. Lin’s son made for him in honor of his 80th birthday (includes an outline of Dr. Lin’s most significant invention, the lateral transistor)