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ENEE381 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Course Description:  The course deals with time varying electromagnetic signals. It begins with review of the Maxwell's equations and then uses these equations to describe propagation of electromagnetic waves in free space, transmission lines and in waveguides. Boundary conditions derived from the Maxwell's equations are used to treat reflections at the interfaces. Radiation by simple antennas is also covered.

Prerequisite(s): ENEE380

Corequisite(s): None

Course Objectives:

  • Application of Maxwell's equations to practical situations
  • Understand how electromagnetic waves propagate in unguided and guides media and through interfaces
  • Understand the concept of impedance
  • Understand how the electromagnetic waves are generated and received by antennas

Topics Covered:

  • Faraday's Law
  • Maxwell's equations
  • Equations Wave Equations
  • Time-Harmonic Fields
  • Plane Waves Power Flow
  • Transmission Lines
  • General T.L. Equations
  • Wave Behavior in Finite Length T.L.
  • Transients in T.L's
  • Smith Chart
  • Transmission lines Impedance Matching
  • Waves in Guiding Structures
  • Parallel-Plate Waveguides
  • Rectangular Waveguides
  • Circular Waveguides
  • Dielectric Waveguides
  • Cavity Resonators
  • Dipole Radiation
  • Antenna Patterns
  • Antenna Arrays