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November 7 | ECEGSA Academic Careers Panel

Summary: This is a panel discussion on "Careers in Academia." We have invited several professors to answer any questions and share their experiences regarding the life of a professor, their research, and their academic careers in general. The discussion is split into two parts: questions relating to academic life and responsibilities and questions relating to the application process.

Part 1 – Is Academia For Me?

• Academia vs. Industry

o Research freedom

o Pressure to publish

o Work environment

o Work/Life balance

• Expectations & Responsibilities

o Research focus

o Finding funding – grant writing

o Teaching and mentoring

o Teaching and researching balance

o Departmental and societal service

• Tenure & After

o Path to get there

o Changing expectations

Part 2 – How Do I Get An Academic Job?

• Academic job market

o Current and future outlook

o Postdoctoral and Research Associate positions

o International issues

• Application process

o Identifying potential schools

o Application deadlines

o Resume and CV preparation

o Research and teaching statements

o Interview process / research talk

o Transition between Ph.D. and faculty