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Computer Engineering Minor

About the Minor

The undergraduate Minor in Computer Engineering is a program offered by the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering within the A. James Clark School of Engineering. The minor will introduce students to core hardware concepts--such as computer architecture, digital logic design, and digital circuit design—as well as core software concepts—such as algorithms, discrete mathematics, and programming. Students will also learn how hardware and software interact at the interface, for example in embedded systems. With a minor in computer engineering, students will not only receive preparation for entry into the computer industry, but they will also become more effective at applying computing in their primary field of study.

Minor Requirements & Courses

The Computer Engineering Minor will have 18 required credits of coursework. Prior to enrolling in the minor, students will need to complete two minor prerequisites.

Minor Admissions Requirements:
  • ENEE150 Intermediate Programming concepts for Engineers (3 credits)
    • Grade of B- or higher required.
    • Course prerequisite: ENEE140 or score of 5 on the A Java AP exam; or score of 4 or 5 on the AB Java AP exam; or satisfactory performance on the department's placement exam.
  • MATH141 Calculus II
    • Grade of B- or higher required.
    • Course prerequisite: MATH140.
  • A cumulative GPA of a 3.0 at UMD.
Minor Course Requirements:
  • ENEE244 Digital Logic Design (3 credits)
  • ENEE245 Digital Circuits and Systems Laboratory (2 credits)
  • ENEE350 Computer Organization (3 credits)
  • ENEE351 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Engineering (4 credits; offered only in Spring semester)
  • Two Upper Level ENEE electives in Computer Engineering (6 credits)
Elective Courses:
  • ENEE359F Hardware FPGA Design with Verilog
  • ENEE359x Introduction to System Programming (in development)
  • ENEE440 Microprocessors
  • ENEE446 Digital Computer Design
  • ENEE456 Cryptography ( formerly ENEE459E; offered only in Spring)*
  • ENEE457 Computer Security (formerly ENEE459C; offered only in Fall)
  • ENEE459P Parallel Algorithms

*NOTE: These elective courses have additional prerequisites outside of the minor required courses.

In order to complete the minor, students must complete all 18 required credits with a minimum GPA of a 2.0 in all minor course.  Each course must be completed with a minimum grade of a "C-". 


Application Process

Students interested in applying to the minor must have completed at least 30 semester credits, satisfied all prerequisite course/grade requirements, and have a minimum grade point average of a 3.0 at UMD for admissions consideration. Students must apply no later than 1 year prior to their anticipated graduation semester. A faculty committee will review applications holistically and will be looking for applicants with a strong academic performance. The minor will accept applications for both fall and spring semester. Please check back for details about application deadlines.

Due to the similar nature of the courses, students in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences will not be eligible to apply to the Computer Engineering minor.

Applying to the Program

The application for the Computer Enginering minor will be available at the end of the Fall 2018 semester. For any questions, please contact the ECE Undergraduate Office.


Registration Information, Forms, Additional Minor Information

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Contact Information

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