About the ESIOT Program

An ECE transfer program located at the Universities of Shady Grove.

The Bachelor of Science in Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (ESIOT)  provides students with a solid foundation in key emerging technologies of the Internet of Things (loT), the ability to integrate devices into complete loT systems, and an understanding of how loT fits within the wider context of information and communications technology, including data analytics and cloud computing. The unique program curriculum trains students in hardware and software design, with specializations in the areas of networks, cybersecurity, and machine learning, and offers mixed course instruction of theories and real-world hands-on experience.


The major requires 122 credits for graduation, of which 60 are transferred into the program and 62 credits are completed within the two years (four semesters) at The Universities at Shady Grove. 

All students applying to the Embedded System program must first meet the Clark School of Engineering's Limited Enrollment Program requirements:  

Engineering LEP Requirements

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (from all previous institutions) 
  • Completion of MATH141 (Calculus II) with a minimum grade of a B- 
  • Completion of PHYS161 (Physics I) with a minimum grade of B- 
  • Completion of either CHEM 135, CHEM 271 or CHEM134* with a minimum grade of C-.

Students must adhere to all LEP Admissions policies outlined in the University's LEP Website.

*Students who take an equivalent to CHEM134 must also have completed an equivalent to CHEM131 with a minimum grade of C-.

In addition to the LEP admissions criteria, students applying to the Embedded Systems and Internet of Things major must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of the following major courses with a minimum grade of a C-
    • ENES100: Intro to Engineering Design
    • PHYS260/261: Physics II 
    • An introductory programming course (see curriculum page for details)
    • One of the following math courses:
      • MATH246: Differential Equations
      • MATH241: Calculus III
      • MATH240: Linear Algebra 
  • Completion of all lower-level General Education requirements (usually satisfied by earning an associate's degree from a community college within the State of Maryland). 
  • At least 60 transferable credits to UMD

Visit https://shadygrove.ece.umd.edu/ to learn more about the program curriculum, courses, and how to apply.