The entries marked with a (*) are rereads.

In what follows:

Do note that my ratings are based on either how much entertainment/escape I had reading the book or how much new stuff I learned/noticed while reading it. This isn't a literary merit rating, except maybe for the exclamation mark books. Which might be exclamation mark for a wide variety of reasons as well, including "it's a classic," and "it details a worldview/scientific information that I think everyone should be aware of."

January 2009
The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human NatureS. Pinker Nonfiction: How we think and perceive things, based on the features of language. 5 stars
White TeethZ. Smith Modern literary fiction: Immigrants in England. 5 stars
In the Best FamiliesR. Stout Mystery: A Nero Wolfe book. 4 stars
Prisoner's BaseR. Stout Mystery: A Nero Wolfe book. 3 stars
MistbornB. Sanderson Fantasy: V. 1 of the Mistborn trilogy. 4 stars

February 2009
The Gift of FearG. de Becker Non-fiction: Personal safety. 4 stars
The Well of AscensionB. Sanderson Fantasy: V. 2 of the Mistborn trilogy. 3 stars
The WitchfinderL. Estleman Mystery 3 stars
CatnapC.N. Douglas Mystery with a cat theme 3 stars

March 2009
Black OrchidsR. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery 4 stars
The Hero of AgesB. Sanderson Fantasy: V. 3 of the Mistborn trilogy. 3 stars
Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBIR. K. Ressler and T. Schachtman Non-fiction 3 stars
The Rubber BandR. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery 3 stars

April 2009
The Red BoxR. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery 3 stars
NemesisA. Christie A Miss Marple mystery 3 stars
Peril at End HouseA. Christie A Hercule Poirot mystery 2 stars
Devil in the GatewayM. Carey et al. Lucifer, v.1 4 stars
PussyfootC.N. Douglas Mystery with a cat theme 3 stars

May 2009
Monsters and ChildrenM. Carey et al. Lucifer, v.2 4 stars
A Dalliance with the DamnedM. Carey et al. Lucifer, v.3 4 stars
Gardens of the MoonS. Erikson. Malazan books, v.1 4 stars
Watership DownR. Adams Rabbits. 5 stars
AgyarS. Brust Fantasy, standalone. 4 stars
Consider PhlebasI. M. Banks The Culture novels, v.1: science-fiction. 3 stars

June 2009
Just Six NumbersM. Rees Non-fiction; cosmology. 4 stars
The Children of HúrinJ.R.R. Tolkien The tale of the children of Hurin, from the first age of Middle Earth. 4 stars
The Court of AirS. Hunt Steampunk. 4 stars

July 2009
The Last Hot TimeM. Ford Urban fantasy. 4 stars
You Are HereC. Potter Non-fiction; general popular science, mostly cosmology, physics and history. 2 stars
Homicide TrinityR. Stout A Nero Wolfe book: Three novellas. 4 stars

August 2009
Death by Black HoleN. deG. Tyson Nonfiction: Cosmology, astronomy, physics 5 stars
Kumpanya (The Company)S. Faik Short stories 4 stars
Sari Sicak (The Yellow Heat)Y. Kemal Short stories 4 stars
Nah Kalkiniriz (We'll Develop... Right.)A. Nesin Short stories, satire 5 stars
Gözünüz Aydin Efendim (Congratulations, Sir)A. Nesin Short Stories, satire 5 stars
Bir Mülkiyet Kalesi (A Fortress of Possession) (*)K. Tahir Novel, historical/semiautobiographical 5 stars
Hür Sehrin Insanlari (The People of the Free City) (*)K. Tahir Novel, historical/semiautobiographical 3 stars
Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarlari (...Deathly Hallows) (*)J.K. Rowling Fantasy 4 stars

September 2009
Su Çilgin Türkler (These Crazy Turks) T. Özakman Nonfiction: History of the Turkish Independence War, 1921-1922. 5 stars
Some Buried Caesar/TD>R. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery. 4 stars

October 2009
Halting StateC. Stross Cyberpunk mystery. 3 stars
The Gathering StormB. Sanderson/R. Jordan Fantasy, v. 13 of The Wheel of Time. 5 stars
A History of the World in Six GlassesT. Standage Non-fiction; history viewed through beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and Coca-Cola. 4 stars

November 2009
AnathemN. Stephenson Science-fiction. 5 stars
The Second ConfessionR. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery. 3 stars
The Paths of the DeadS. Brust Fantasy; _The Viscount of Adrilankha_ v.1. 4 stars

December 2009
The Lord of Castle BlackS. Brust Fantasy; _The Viscount of Adrilankha_ v.2. 4 stars
Sethra LavodeS. Brust Fantasy; _The Viscount of Adrilankha_ v.3. 4 stars
Too Many CooksR. Stout A Nero Wolfe mystery. 5 stars

I sometimes prefer to let some time elapse before I rate a book, to see how well it "ages" in memory.

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