ENEE 694
Physics and Simulation of Semiconductor Devices

Fall 2000

Professor: Dr. Neil Goldsman

Office: AVW2457

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Friday 10:30-12:00

Phone: x53648

TA: Zeynep Dilli

Office: AVW2332

Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 3:15-4:30 pm, Friday 2:00-3:00 pm

e-mail: dilli@eng.umd.edu

Project Discussion Day Nov. 2!!! Project Discussion Day Nov. 2!!!

The main focus of the course is understanding the physics of electron transport in semiconductor devices. Those equations are often too involved to accurately solve analytically; numerical solution methods will be explored instead, and applied to several device structures. Students will also be exposed to CAD tools for semiconductor device design.

  • Resource list
  • Interesting Links:
    • CERUM: Computational Electronics Research at the U of Md. Interesting things, including a Java applet to simulate a pn junction potential profile.
    • ENEE 648W: The previous incarnation of ENEE 690.
Book for the Week: Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game . Music for the Week : W.A. Mozart, Piano Concerto #20 in C .
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