Vinay Praneeth Boda

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Graduate Research Assistant
AVW 2454
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park.


I am a Ph.D candidate in the Electrical and Computer
Engineering Department and the Institute for Systems
Research at the University of Maryland.

I work with Prakash Narayan.


Ph.D Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland (2011 - Present)

Dual Degree (Bachelor's and Master's), Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras (2006 - 2011)

Here are my detailed CV and my Linkedin Profile.

Research Interests

Information Theory, Machine Learning, Statistical learning.

I have also taken a lot of courses spanning control theory, convex optimization, data dimension reduction.

Recent News!

I am a recipient of the ECE Distinguished dissertation Fellowship Award and was nominated to represent my department at the Clark School of Engineering dissertation award.

Among other things, I coordinate the CCSP seminar series, contact me if you are interested in giving a talk!