2007 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium (ISDRS)
Abstract Submission


The Aldert van der Ziel Award is given for distinguished educational and research contributions to the field of electronic devices and materials. Past recipients of this prestigious award include Arthur Milnes, Lester Eastman, Herbert Kroemer (Nobel Laureate Physics 2000), Michael Shur, Marvin White, Jim Plummer and Ben Streetman. The 2007 winner will be announced at the banquet.

Student Awards

We are pleased to recognize the following students who were selected to receive the ISDRS 2007 Student Awards:

Best Oral Presentations

  • Materials:
    FA7-02, "Epitaxially Grown Graphene Field-Effect Transistors with Electron Mobility Exceeding 1500 cm2/Vs and Hole Mobility Exceeding 3400 cm2/Vs"
    Yanqing Wu, Peide D. Ye, Michael A. Capano, Tian Shen, Yi Xuan, Yang Sui, Minghao Qi, and James A. Cooper Jr., Purdue University

  • Devices:
    FP3-03, "Characterization of Latch-Up in CMOS Inverters in Pulsed Electromagnetic Interference Environments"
    Kyechong Kim and Agis A. Iliadis, University of Maryland

Best Poster Presentations

  • Materials:
    WP9-02-03, "A Quantum Mechanical Mobility Model for Scaled NMOS Transistors with Ultra-thin High-K Dielectrics and Metal Gate Electrodes"
    Yanli Zhang, Zhian Jin, Gan Wang, Luckshitha S. Liyanage, and Marvin H. White, Lehigh University

  • Devices:
    WP9-18-05, "Design and Characterization of a Gain-Enhanced Floating Gate-body Tied Photodetector in Silicon on Sapphire CMOS"
    Miriam Adlerstein Marwick and Andreas G. Andreou, Johns Hopkins University

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