Communication, Control and Signal Processing Seminar

Time: Thursday 5:00pm-6:30pm
Venue: 2168 AVW

Fall 2018

08/29 Rajesh Sundaresan (Indian Institute of Science) Learning to detect an oddball target

09/06 Karim Banawan (UMD) The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval from Byzantine and Colluding Databases

09/20 Aneesh Raghavan (UMD) Cooperative Binary Hypothesis Testing by Two Observers

09/27 Min Ye (Princeton University) Practical coding schemes for distributed learning, storage and communication

10/04 Itzhak Tamo (Tel-Aviv University) From Index coding to hat guessing games

11/15 Varun Jog (University of Wisconsin - Madison) Information Theoretic Perspectives on Learning Algorithms

11/29 Ohad Elishco (UMD) Semiconstrained Systems

12/06 Ke Wu (Johns Hopkins University) Synchronization Strings: Highly Efficient Deterministic Constructions over Small Alphabets

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