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ECE Faculty Awards & Honors

Awards at a Glance:

National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
Behtash Babadi (2016)


NASA Early Career Faculty Space Technology Research Award
Jeremy Munday (2012, Inaugural Award)

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
Michael Rotkowitz (2016)
Edo Waks (2010)

NSF Presidential Young Investigator (PYI) Award
K.J. Ray Liu (1994)
Howard Milchberg (1988)
Eyad H. Abed (1987)
Nariman Farvardin (1987)
Rama Chellappa (1985)
Kazuo Nakajima (1985)
Mark Shayman (1985)
André Tits (1985)
Armand Makowski (1984)
Jon Orloff^ (1984)

NSF Research Initiation Award
K. J. Ray Liu
Leandros Tassiulas
Manoj Franklin (1994)
Nariman Farvardin
Rama Chellappa (1982)
Armand Makowski (1982)
Prakash Narayan (1982)
André Tits (1982)
Steve Marcus

Professional Society Awards and Honors:

American Physical Society James Clerk Maxwell Award
Phillip Sprangle (2013)

IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award
Rama Chellappa (2008)

IEEE Computer Society Meritorious Service Award
Rama Chellappa (2004)

IEEE Control Systems Society Hendrik W. Bode Prize
P.S. Krishnaprasad (2007)

IEEE Magnetics Society Achievement Award
Isaak Mayergoyz (2009)

IEEE Signal Processing Society Award
Rama Chellappa (2009)

IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award
K. J. Ray Liu (2009)
Rama Chellappa (2000)

IEEE Signal Processing Society Meritorious Service Award
K. J. Ray Liu (2016)
Min Wu (2015)
Rama Chellappa (2007)

Lewis Fry Richardson Medal
Edward Ott (2017)

The King-Sun Fu Prize, International Association of Pattern Recognition:
Rama Chellappa (2012)

The Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
Jeremy Munday (2016)
Mohammad Hafezi (2015)

Distinguished Lectureships:

ACM Distinguished Speaker
Ankur Srivastava

IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer
Anthony Ephremides

IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer
Isaak Mayergoyz

IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer
Rama Chellappa
K. J. Ray Liu

Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Highly Cited Researchers
Nariman Farvardin
K. J. Ray Liu
Edward Ott
Uzi Vishkin

Jurgen Moser Lecture (SIAG/Dynamical Systems)
Edward Ott (2017)

University of Maryland Awards and Honors:
Chaired Professors
Thomas Antonsen
Edward Ott

Distinguished University Professors
Rama Chellappa
Anthony Ephremides
Edward Ott

Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award, University of Maryland
Sennur Ulukus (2016-2017)
Reza Ghodssi (2014-2015)
Min Wu (2013-2014)
Carol Espy-Wilson (2012-2013)
Patrick O'Shea (2009-2010)
K. J. Ray Liu (2006-2007)
Howard Milchberg (2005-2006)
Rama Chellappa (2003-2004)
Michael Fu (2004-2005)
Steve Marcus (2000-2001)
Isaak Mayergoyz (1995-1996)
William W. Destler (1992-1993)
Christopher Davis (1989-1990)

Clark School of Engineering Poole and Kent Senior Faculty Teaching Award
Christopher Davis (2012)
Rama Chellappa (2011)
Adrian Papamarcou (2010)
K. J. Ray Liu (2005)
Charles Striffler^ (2000)
William W. Destler (1994)
Isaak Mayergoyz (1987)

Clark School of Engineering E. Robert Kent Junior Faculty Teaching Award
Alireza Khaligh (2016)
Pamela Abshire (2011)
Min Wu (2010)
Thomas E. Murphy (2008)
Romel Gomez (2005)
Adrian Papamarcou (1996)
Wesley Lawson (1991)

Clark School of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Research Award
Howard Milchberg (2016)
K.J. Ray Liu (2008)
Rama Chellappa (2007)
Edward Ott (2005)
Thomas Antonsen (2004)

George Corcoran Award for Faculty, ECE Department, University of Maryland
Jeremy Munday (2014)
Alireza Khaligh (2013)
Sennur Ulukus (2012)
Nuno Martins (2010)
Peter Petrov (2009)
Ankur Srivastava (2007)
Thomas E. Murphy (2005)
Pamela Abshire (2004)
Rajeev Barua (2003)
Min Wu (2003)
Gang Qu (2002)
Reza Ghodssi (2001)
Babis Papagopoulos√ (2000)
Donald Yeung (2000)
Bruce Jacob (1999)
Romel Gomez (1998)
David B. Stewart√ (1997)
André Tits (1996)
R. Greenberg√ (1995)
K. J. Ray Liu (1994)
W. Dayawansa√ (1993)
Adrian Papamarcou (1992)
T. Fuja√ (1991)
Neil Goldsman (1990)
Wesley Lawson (1989)
Mark Shayman (1988)
Nariman Farvardin (1987)
K. Webb√ (1986)
Shihab Shamma (1985)
Eyad Abed (1984)
Charles Striffler^ (1983)
Isaak Mayergoyz (1982)
James Pugsley (1981)
D. Simons√ (1980)
Christopher Davis (1979)
Anthony Ephremides (1978)
William W. Destler (1977)
Steven Tretter (1976)
Charles Silio (1975)
Fawzi P. Emad^ (1974)
William Levine (1973)
Kawthar Zaki^ (1972)

ISR Outstanding Systems Engineering Faculty Award, University of Maryland
Prakash Narayan (2016)
Ankur Srivastava (2014)
Sennur Ulukus (2011)
Shihab Shamma (2007)
Pamela Abshire (2006)
Timothy Horiuchi (2004)
Reza Ghodssi (2003)
Michael Fu* (2002)
Anthony Ephremides (2000)
Steven Marcus (1999)
K. J. Ray Liu (1996)
Nariman Farvardin (1993)
P.S. Krishnaprasad (1991)
Eyad H. Abed (1990)
André Tits (1988)

University of Maryland Invention of the Year Award
Min Wu (2011)
K. J. Ray Liu (2010)
Carol Espy-Wilson (2009)
Gary Rubloff (2009)
Martin Peckerar (2008)
Neil Goldsman (2008)
John Baras (2008)
Rama Chellappa (2006)
K. J. Ray Liu (2004)
Pamela Abshire (2004)
Christopher Davis (2000)
Nariman Farvardin (1999)
James Hendler* (1998)
Kawthar Zaki^ (1996)
John Baras (1991 & 1994)


National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Members
Jeong Kim** (2004)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellows

Sennur Ulukus (2016)
Reza Ghodssi (2015)
Thomas Antonsen (2012)
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya (2011)
Min Wu (2011)
Mario Dagenais (2010)
Mark Shayman (2010)
Alexander Barg (2008)
Michael Fu (2007)
Eyad H. Abed (2001)
Ashok Agrawala*
John Baras (1984)
Gilmer Blankenship
Rama Chellappa
Christopher Davis (1993)
Nicholas DeClaris^
William W. Destler
Anthony Ephremides (1984)
Nariman Farvardin (1998)
Victor Granatstein
Robert Harger^
Joseph JaJa (1996)
P.S. Krishnaprasad (1990)
Chi Lee^ (1991)
William Levine (1986)
Hung C. Lin^
K.J. Ray Liu (2003)
Armand Makowski (2006)
Steven Marcus
Isaak Mayergoyz (1987)
John Melngailis
Prakash Narayan (2001)
Robert Newcomb
Patrick G. O'Shea
Jon Orloff^
Edward Ott
Martin Peckerar (1993)
Martin Reiser^ (1993)
Leonard Taylor^
Andre Tits (1997)
Kawthar Zaki^

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellows
Rama Chellappa
K.J. Ray Liu
Patrick O'Shea
Herbert Rabin

Acoustical Society of America Fellows
Carol Espy-Wilson (2005)
Shihab Shamma (2004)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Fellows
Herbert Rabin

American Physical Society (APS) Fellows
Thomas Antonsen (1986)
William W. Destler
Victor Granatstein
Howard Milchberg
Patrick G. O'Shea
Edward Ott
Herbert Rabin
Martin Reiser
Gary Rubloff*
Thirumalai Venkatesan

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Fellows
Leonard Taylor^

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellows
Rama Chellappa (2013)
Joseph JaJa (2000)
Uzi Vishkin (1996)

General Electric Company Visiting Research Fellow
Isaak Mayergoyz (1988)

Institute of Physics Fellows
Christopher Davis (1989)

International Association of Pattern Recognition Fellow
Rama Chellappa

Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellows
Igor Smolyaninov
Rama Chellappa
Mario Dagenais
Julius Goldhar
Chi Lee^
Howard Milchberg
Thomas Murphy

Herbert Rabin
Edo Waks

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science
John Baras (2006)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Steven Marcus

* Denotes that the faculty member holds a primary appointment with another department on campus, and an affiliate appointment with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
√ Denotes that faculty member is no longer affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
** Professor of the Practice 
^ Faculty Emeritus

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