Name: Sara Pohland

Major: Electrical Engineering 

Involvement: Gemstone Honors Program; On-Campus Research and Summer REU; Gymnastics Club

Why did you become a peer mentor?

I became a peer mentor to form relationships with first-year ECE students, as well as other ECE upperclassmen and staff!

Name: June Xu

Major: Computer Engineering

Involvement: Aside from being a part of TIPMF, I am also an undergraduate teaching fellow for ENEE101, the introductory lab for ECE majors. I was also in the Design, Cultures and Creativity two-year Honors Program, and have held multiple research internships on campus. As of Summer 2019, I am a Software Engineering Intern at Textron Systems. 

Why did you become a peer mentor?

I was a mentee in my freshman year of college, and was paired with an amazing mentor who went above and beyond to show me all the resources I had access to, both as a UMD student and as an ECE student. I was inspired to do the same for another incoming student and make their transition from high school to college easier, so I became a mentor the following year! 

Name: Minya Rancic

Major: Computer Engineering and Math

Involvement: I am an Undergraduate TA for CMSC330: Organization of Programming Languages.  I am currently interning at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, where I'm part of the Mission Planning group for the NISAR satellite

Why did you become a peer mentor?

I became a peer mentor in order to help guide ECE students through their first year in the program. As a freshman, I really struggled with navigating things like the opportunities UMD offers to engineering students and recruiting for internships, so I wanted to help future generations of students through this process.