If you seek excellence in the academic and professional arenas of electrical and computer engineering, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors Program will provide you with the challenges and training to attain your goals. ECE Honors participants are among the most gifted and motivated undergraduate students at the University. Students completing the program courses and research requirements will receive an honors citation on their transcript.

Admissions Eligibility

To be considered for the ECE Honors, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A cumulative UMD GPA of a 3.5.
  2. Completed a majority of all 200-level ENEE courses.

Program Requirements

ECE Honors students must successfully complete:

  1. At least four (4) honor-versions of the junior-level ENEE courses. Students may substitute up to three (3) H-level courses with graduate-level ENEE courses.
  2. Senior Honors Project (ENEE499).
  3. GPA/Grade Requirements:
  • ​Students must complete all required Honors program courses listed above with a minimum grade of a "B" (please note that earning a "B-" will not qualify the course for ECE Honors).
  • Students must maintain a UMD cumulative grade point average of a 3.0

Four Honor-Version (H-version) Courses

These H-version courses take the place of the standard 300-level courses required of all electrical engineering majors and required or elective courses for computer engineers. Students may choose from the following:

Offered Fall Semester Only:

  • ENEE303H: Analog & Digital Electronics
  • ENEE322H: Signal & System Theory
  • ENEE350H: Computer Organization
  • ENEE380H: Electromagnetic Theory*

Offered Spring Semester Only

  • ENEE313H: Introduction to Device Physics*
  • ENEE324H: Engineering Probability
  • ENEE381H: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation*

*Courses only required of EE majors

NOTE: ECE Honors students may substitute some of the H-level courses by taking graduate-level ENEE courses (ENEE6xx or ENEE7xx). 

Senior Honors Project (ENEE499)

All ECE honors students must complete a Senior Honors Project under the supervision of a faculty member. This is typically satisfied through successful completion of ENEE 499: "Projects in Electrical Engineering." ENEE 499 can also be used to satisfy an upper-level elective requirement. More information regarding the ENEE 499 application process can be found on the ENEE 400 Level Courses page.


The call for applications will go out in both the Fall and Spring Semesters through the ECE Undergraduate Listserv.

To apply for admission for Fall 2022, the application is available online starting on February 7th! The deadline to apply is February 25th, 2022!