Department faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students are working on some of the most challenging and exciting research projects of our time. With approximately 85 full-time and affiliate faculty members, over 800 undergraduate students, 330 graduate students and over $37 million in research expenditures, the department is one of the most active education and research units at the University of Maryland.

The Computer Engineering degree program (127 credits) and the Electrical Engineering degree program (123 credits) are designed to give graduates the breadth and depth of knowledge they need to work in the field of computer or electrical engineering and to continue learning throughout their careers.

Program Educational Objectives:

Within a few years from graduation, a graduate of electrical/computer engineering will have engaged in professional development, and will have attained any of the following program educational objectives:

  1. Achieve advanced technical expertise and/or advance to a leadership position in industry or government
  2. Earn a graduate degree from a respected graduate program in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or related field
  3. Become an innovator and/or entrepreneur in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or related space
  4. Use their professional knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as their sense of ethical responsibility, to make a positive impact on societal and environmental concerns and/or to improve the climate for diversity, equity and inclusiveness within the profession