General Technical Elective Courses

Students in Electrical & Computer Engineering majors are required to take a number of general technical elective courses as part of their graduation requirements.  These courses must be at 300 or 400 level.  Students have the option of taking general technical elecctive courses from outside of the department or take additional ENEE or CMSC courses to fulfill the requirement.

Electrical Engineering General Technical Elective Requirements

Electrical Engineering majors are expected to complete 12 credits of General Technical Electives. As part of these general technical electives, EE students must successfully complete one 400-level mathematics course.

Computer Engineering General Technical Elective (Category F) Requirements

Computer Engineering majors are expected to complete a general technical elective course to satisfy the Category F requirement for their program.  

Approved Majors and Minors

Any 300 or 400-level course which uses the following prefixes courses can be used as General Technical Electives. With the exception of courses that are on the prohibited course list or courses that are designed for "non-major" students (i.e. ASTR course for non-Astronomy majors). Students have to make sure they meet any prerequisite requirements to take these courses.  


[1] ENEE and CMSC courses used to fulfill the General Technical Electives requirement cannot be used to satisfy other major requirements
[2] Students are not allowed to use STAT400, STAT401, and STAT410 as general technical electives

The ECE Undergraduate Office has prepared a list of Gen Tech Courses that students typically have the prerequisites for and are able to take. This handout also includes additional approved courses that students may use to fulfill the GTE requirement. 

Students who plan to use minor courses as general technical electives must make sure that they have 9 additional unique credits within their major.  These 9 unique credits cannot be used for major requirements.

Special Programs

Students in the Gemstone program may use 3 of the 4 upper-level GEMS courses as GenTechs: GEMS396, GEMS397, GEMS496, and GEMS497. No more than 6 credits of GEMS can count as General Technical electives. Quest Honors and Hinman CEO students may use their 300-400 level courses as general technical electives (except capstone courses). Air Force ROTC students may use their 400-level ARSC courses as general technical electives.

Course Permissions

Students should be aware that ECE advisors cannot provide permission stamps for courses in other departments.  It will be the student's responsibility to contact the course department to get the appropriate permission stamps.  Please note that some courses may not be available until the beginning of the semester in which you wish to enroll. 

Additional Courses

Upper-level courses which do not begin with the prefixes in the list above may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the ECE Department. To be approved, such courses must be consistent with the student’s stated professional goals and include a technical component. Under no circumstances will exceptions be granted for courses on the prohibited list. Please contact your academic advisor to start the evaluation process.

Prohibited Courses

Some courses cannot be used to satisfy the General Technical Electives requirement, even if their prefix is among those approved above. A list of courses students are specifically prohibited from using for these electives can be found in the Prohibited Course page.