Regularly Offered ENEE Electives

The Department's General Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC) establishes the list of ENEE courses for each term. Below is a list of courses that will normally be offered in the indicated semesters. We ask students to verfiy the course offering with the Schedule of Classes located on the Testudo website


Course Number
Course Title
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
ENEE 359F Advanced FPGA System Design using Verilog X X
ENEE 408A Capstone: Microprocessor Based Design X X
ENEE 408C Capstone: Modern Digital System Design X  
ENEE 408D Capstone: Mixed Signal VLSI Design   X
ENEE 408E Capstone: Optical System Design X  
ENEE 408G Capstone: Multimedia Signal Processing   X
ENEE 408I Capstone: Autonomous Control of Interacting Robots X X
ENEE 411 Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics X  
ENEE 413 Advanced Electronic Devices   X
ENEE 416 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory X  
ENEE 417 Microelectronic  Design Laboratory   X
ENEE 420 Communication Systems X  
ENEE 425 Digital Signal Processing X  
ENEE 426 Communications Networks   X
ENEE 428 Communications Design Laboratory X X
ENEE 440 Microprocessors X X
ENEE 445 Computer Laboratory X X
ENEE 446 Digital Computer Design X X
ENEE 459B Reverse Engineering and Hardware Security Laboratory X  
ENEE 457 Computer Security X  
ENEE 459E Introduction to Cryptology   X
ENEE 460 Control Systems X  
ENEE 461 Control Systems Laboratory   X
ENEE 463 Digital Control Systems   X
ENEE 473 Electric Machines Laboratory   X
ENEE 474 Power Systems X  
ENEE 475 Power Electronics   X
ENEE 476 Renewable Energy X  
ENEE486 Opto-electronics Laboratory X  
ENEE 489A Laboratory for Antennas for Wireless Personal Communication   X
ENEE 489I Solar Energy Conversion X  
ENEE 489Q Quantum Phenomena in Electrical Engineering   X
ENEE490 Physical Principles of Wireless Communications X  
ENEE 496 Lasers & Electro-Optic Devices   X