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Distinguished Alumni Award

In 2012 the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering established the Distinguished Alumni Award to recognize alumni who have made significant and meritorious contributions to their fields.

Alumni are nominated by their advising professors or the department chair, the Department Council then approves their selection. In early May, the faculty and staff gather to honor the recipients at a luncheon. The recipients also have an opportunity to share the story of their education at the University of Maryland; how it has prepared them for and shaped their career.

If you have a suggestion for a Distinguished Alumni, contact our Director of External Relations, Amanda Stein at (301) 405-8189 or

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients


From L-R: Dr. Reza Ghanadan, Dr. Rama Chellappa, and Dr. Xiaobo Tan.

Dr. Reza Ghanadan
Senior Manager, Google

Dr. Xiaobo Tan
Professor, Michigan State University

Dr. Yannis Viniotis
Professor, North Carolina State University


From L-R: Mr. Ray Upton, Dr. S. Kevin Zhou, Dr. Can E. Korman, and Dr. Mingyan Liu

Dr. Can E. Korman
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and Professor, The George Washington University

Dr. Mingyan Liu
Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mr. Ray Upton
Vice President and General Manager of the Connected Microcontroller Business Unit, Texas Instruments

Dr. S. Kevin Zhou
Principal Key Expert, Siemens Healthineers Technology Center



From L-R: Dr. Radha Poovendran, Dr. Amr Adly, Dr. Rama Chellappa, and Dr. J. Gary Eden

Dr. Patrick Antkowiak
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Northrop Grumman

Dr. Amr Adly
Vice President, Cairo University 

Dr. J. Gary Eden
Professor, University of Illinois

Dr. Eytan Modiano
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Radha Poovendran
Professor, University of Washington



From L-R: Dr. Balaji Sampath, Dr. Nital Patel, Dr. Leandros Tassiulas, Dr. Rama Chellappa (ECE Department Chair), and Dr. Mark Smith.

Dr. Nital Patel
Principal Engineer, Intel

Dr. Balaji Sampath
Founder, AID India

Dr. Mark Smith
Director, Kelyniam Global, Inc.

Dr. Leandros Tassiulas
Professor, Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science



From L-R: Dr. Rama Chellappa, Dr. Wade Trappe, Dr. John Baras, Dr. Carole Teolis, and Dr. Chellappa 

Dr. Carole Teolis
CTO and Co-Founder, TRX Systems

Dr. Wade Trappe
Professor, Rutgers University


From L-R: Nikos Sidiropoulos, Lawrence Carin, Rama Chellappa, Chaitali Chakrabarti & Rajiv Laroia.

Dr. Chaitali Chakrabarti
Professor, Arizona State University

Dr. Lawrence Carin
Department Chair, ECE, Duke University

Dr. Rajiv Laroia
Co-Founder & CTO, The Light Company

Dr. Nikos Sidiropoulos
Professor, University of Minnesota


Dr. David Bader
Professor, Georgia Tech

Mr. Robert Briskman
Founder, Sirius Satellite Radio

Dr. Naomi Leonard
Professor, Princeton University

Dr. Ramesh Rao
Professor, University of California, San Diego