Below you will find sample plans for the Computer Engineering (CE) program. Be sure to select the correct sample plan since there are different versions of our program based on your enrollment semester.

Please note that these documents are for informational purposes only and do not replace academic advising. Any curriculum questions pertaining to the Computer Engineering curriculum and requirements, should be sent to ECE Undergraduate Studies Office.

Computer Engineering Sample Plans

Four-Year CE Sample Plan - Effective Fall 2021 (pdf)

Four Year CE Sample Plan - Effective Fall 2024(pdf)

Sample plan assumes that the student will complete the Distributive Studies requirement by double-counting I-Series and Diversity requirements. Please note that a student's individual plan may vary.

Two-Year Transfer Student Sample Plans (Computer Engineering)

Two-Year Transfer Sample Plan Effective Fall 2021 (pdf)

Two-Year Transfer Sample Plan Effective Fall 2024 (pdf)