The courses described below and the following list cannot be used for credit towards either Electrical or Computer Engineering program.

Types of courses not allowed:

Capstones or senior project courses from other departments
Research, experiential learning, independent study, special problems, or practicum courses from other departments
Courses for educators: specifically: MATH312-315 or MATH478-499

Specific courses not allowed:

Course # Course Title
BIOE371: Bioengineering Math and Statistics
BIOE 455: Basic Electronic Design
BSCI 329:  Instructional Assistance Practicum
CHEM 395: Professional Issues in Chemistry and Biochemistry
CMSC 411: Computer Systems Architecture
ENES 304: RISE Seminar
ENES 480: Engineering Honors Seminar I
ENES 481: Engineering Honors Seminar II
ENCE 302: Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers
ENME 350: Electronics and Instrumentation I
ENME 351: Electronics and Instrumentation II
ENST 373: Natural History of the Chesapeake Bay
MATH 416: Applied Harmonic Analysis: An Introducation to Signal Processing
MATH 470: Mathematics for Secondary Education
MATH486: Calculus for High School Teachers
PHYS 411: PHYS 411: Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 485: PHYS 485: Electronic Circuits
STAT 400: STAT 400: Applied Probability and Statistics I
STAT 401: STAT 401: Applied Probability and Statistics II
STAT 410: STAT 410: Introduction to Probability Theory

ENEE351 Theoretical Foundations of Comp Engineering

Students in the Computer Engineering major cannot use ENEE351 to fulfill a Technical Elective requirement.

Selected or Special Topics Courses

Selected or Special Topics courses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like to take a Special Topics course in another department, contact your advisor for permission.