Credits: 2


Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in ENEE205; or minimum grade of C- in ENEE206. And minimum grade of C- in PHYS271 and PHYS270; and must have earned a minimum grade of regular (letter) C- in all required 200-level ENEE courses; and permission of ENGR-Electrical & Computer Engineering department.
Restriction: Must be in one of the following programs (Engineering: Computer; Engineering: Electrical).
Hands-on experience in performing measurements in optics and electro-optics. Basics of optics, light detectors, Fourier optics, gratings and spectrometers, pulsed dye lasers, fiber optics, electro-optics, and acousto-optics.Credit only granted for ENEE486 or ENEE648D.

Semesters Offered

Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2021, Fall 2022, Fall 2023, Fall 2024

Learning Objectives

  • Students will have mastered the operation of sophisticated test and measurement (T&M) equipment: 1) can efficiently troubleshoot and fix incorrect settings on T&M equipment, 2) can reliably measure data with errors limited by T&M accuracy and 3) can perform routine calibrations of T&M equipment.
  • Students will be able to conduct experiments and collect and record data. In particular, the students will be able to use techniques to minimize errors and eliminate artifacts, to troubleshoot hardware to collect sufficient data (both in terms of quantity and quality) to achieve lab goals, to demonstrate comprehensive and well organized records, and to establish conclusive robust results
  • Students will be able to correctly analyze, interpret  and present data. In particular, the students will be able to 1) identify and interpret all relevant robust features in data, 2) use appropriate software to analyze and interpret data, and 3) organize and present clearly results of data analysis.

Topics Covered

  • Optical detectors and photovoltaics
  • Refraction of light
  • Reflection of light
  • Diffraction of light
  • Image formation
  • Transmission gratings and acousto-optic modulators
  • Reflection gratings and spectrometers
  • Polarization and liquid cristal modulators
  • Fiber optics communication