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Aerospace (15)
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Environment (16)
Health Care (56)
Information and Computing (109)
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Product Innovation (59)
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Aero/astrodynamics (12)
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Biotech (54)
Chemicals (4)
Control Systems (45)
Data (45)
Design (75)
Devices (72)
Diagnostics (19)
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Hardware (22)
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Neuroscience (9)
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Optics/lasers (26)
Physics (29)
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Programming (29)
Project Management (1)
Reliability (5)
Robotics (19)
Sensors (55)
Signal Processing (74)
Structures (11)
Systems (54)
Thermodynamics (4)
Vehicles (19)
Water (2)
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Department of Defense (46)
Department of Energy (6)
NIH (17)
NIST (1)
NSF (98)
Other (40)
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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Ulukus to investigate rechargable networks with energy cooperation
New NSF grant will develop wireless nodes that can harvest ambient energy and share it within a network.  September 2, 2015  More »

UMD Invention Could Make Your Mobile Device Almost Impossible to Break Into
Team develops authentication system for both fingerprint and sensor on mobile device.  August 26, 2015  More »

New Battery Demonstrates “Sweet Spot” of Electrolyte Thickness and Composition
Atom-scale synthesis makes highly conductive LiPON for solid-state battery  July 28, 2015  More »

Ghodssi, Beyaz, Waits issued US patent for microgenerator
The versatile microball bearing supported microgenerator improves micro electromechanical devices.  July 14, 2015  More »

UMD Ties with Stanford, MIT for Most Researchers on 2015 DOD Multidisciplinary Research Grants
UMD Represented on 6 of 22 Teams Awarded University Research Initiative Grants by the Department of Defense  June 9, 2015  More »

Hafezi Named 2015 ONR Young Investigator
The Office of Naval Research awarded Hafezi for three years in support of his research on nanostructures.  May 18, 2015  More »

Dumitras Receives NSF Award to Study Software Update Vulnerabilities
The research will focus on the "timeliness" of software updates.  May 15, 2015  More »

New ONR grant for bio-inspired underwater sensing and control
Derek Paley is PI; alum Xiaobo Tan is one of the co-PIs.  May 11, 2015  More »

Food Safety, Energy Storage & Video Authentication Inventions Honored at Awards Ceremony
Three Clark School innovations win UMD Invention of the Year Awards  April 30, 2015  More »

Invention of the Year Nominee: Method for Extracting ENF Signals from Video
Invention offers security, forensic, and historic preservation applications  April 17, 2015  More »