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Aerospace (15)
Communications (114)
Energy (50)
Environment (16)
Health Care (57)
Information and Computing (114)
Infrastructure (14)
Product Innovation (61)
Security (96)
Transportation (18)
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Aero/astrodynamics (12)
Architecture (24)
Biotech (55)
Chemicals (4)
Control Systems (46)
Cybersecurity (1)
Data (47)
Design (76)
Devices (73)
Diagnostics (19)
Electromagnetics (6)
Fire (1)
Fluid Mechanics (7)
Hardware (23)
Instrumentation (5)
Manufacturing (16)
Materials (20)
Mechanics (9)
MEMS (21)
Modeling (57)
Multimedia (24)
Nanotechnology (40)
Networks (86)
Neuroscience (9)
Nuclear (1)
Optics/lasers (28)
Physics (30)
Power (36)
Programming (30)
Project Management (1)
Reliability (6)
Robotics (19)
Sensors (57)
Signal Processing (77)
Structures (11)
Systems (57)
Thermodynamics (4)
Vehicles (20)
Water (2)
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Department of Defense (48)
Department of Energy (6)
NIH (17)
NIST (2)
NSF (107)
Other (42)
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Results:  Latest Research Articles

UMD Inventors Zoom In on New Camera Technology 
Inventors Blaze New Frontier of Video Imaging through Real Time HDR Video Capture  April 20, 2016  More »

Alumnus Peng Qiu Wins NSF CAREER Award
Qiu wins award for experimental design and model reduction in systems biology.  March 3, 2016  More »

Grad student Chuan Shi wins energy research fellowship
Alireza Khaligh student will develop miniature power electronics converters for Smart Grids.  March 2, 2016  More »

Nanoscale cavity strongly links quantum particles
Experiment demonstrates that single photons can quickly modify individual electrons embedded in a semiconductor chip and vice versa
  February 23, 2016  More »

Babadi Wins NSF CAREER Award
Babadi is one of two ECE/ISR professors to win a 2016 NSF CAREER award in signal processing.  January 13, 2016  More »

Pal Receives NSF CAREER Award
Assistant Professor Piya Pal receives funding to support research in high dimensional signals.  January 12, 2016  More »

Qu Wins NIST Grant
Qu and research team will study the use of Silicon Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) as an entropy source.  January 5, 2016  More »

UMD Discovery Could Enable Portable Particle Accelerators
Innovation could hold the key to ultra-compact machines useful for materials science and medical imaging  November 6, 2015  More »

JaJa Connects UMD Experts with NSF South Big Data Hub Resources
ECE professor JaJa on steering committee to pair experts with government and industry to maximize big data's positive impact.  November 5, 2015  More »

UMD Among Largest Recipients of NSF Funding for Cybersecurity Research and Education
UMD research awards are part of the NSF?s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program  October 21, 2015  More »