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ENEE463 Digital Control Systems

Course Description: The course covers methods for design and analysis of linear digital control systems including linearization, sampling in control systems, state space methods including solutions, controllability, observability, pole assignment and stabilization, observers, LQR design, and introduction to the Kalman Filter.

Prerequisite(s): ENEE 322


Course Objectives:

  • Understand dynamic models for systems and linearization
  • Understand sampling and discretization of control systems models
  • Analyze and solve linear control systems models, variation of constants formula, Laplace and z-transform methods
  • Understand stability and stabilization of linear systems
  • State space analysis, controllability, observability
  • Understand pole assignment as a design method
  • Understand observers for linear systems
  • Understand LQR as a design method
  • Understand the Kalman Filter as a least squares estimator

Topics Covered:

  • Systems models and linearization
  • Solution of state equations using variation of constants and Laplace and z-transforms
  • Controllability, observability, stability of linear systems
  • Pole assignment, stabilization, observers full and reduced order
  • LQR design
  • Kalman filter