BISI-BEES Neuroscience Seminar: Brain circuits that control vocalization

Monday, September 26, 2022
12:00 p.m.
Online presentation
Scott Juntti

Neuroscience seminar

Saying the Right thing at the Right Time – Lessons from “Singing“ Fish

Andy Bass
Cornell University

Bass will be presenting his work on circuits that control vocalization. This will be a virtual seminar as a part of the BISI-BEES seminar series.

All classes of motor actions depend on the brain for selecting and sequencing behavior-specific muscle activity patterns. How do brain regions that control behaviors select between available patterns, e.g., running versus walking or alarm versus courtship calling?  How are these patterns then sequenced into actions appropriate for a given social context? Vocal behaviors are excellent models for answering these questions - they are often highly stereotyped, differ in a finite set of easily quantified parameters, and require precise execution to ensure survival and reproduction. Our new studies indicate that fish and mammals, lineages separated by hundreds-of-millions of years of evolution, share multiple features of a midbrain circuit motif that both initiates and selects vocal behaviors appropriate to social contexts.

Information about Andy’s lab and publications can be found at:

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