Bioelectronics and Systems

Wearable and implantable technology have made profound changes on everyday lives, such as through devices including the Apple watch, pacemakers, or even trackable microchips. However, this is merely the onset of many more effective changes that will revolutionize the world in not only healthcare, but environmental monitoring, big data solutions, and even the internet of things (IoT). The next generation of this technology has led to the introduction of complex micro/nano/bio systems such as minimally invasive and ingestible autonomous integrated devices, which are currently at a stage of exploration for various faculty in addressing areas such as diagnosing cancer to measuring or preventing physical pain.

Here at UMD, we have a world class micro/nanofabrication facility (Maryland Nanocenter), which is internationally recognized in a variety of device fabrication and processes, materials characterization and systems integration, allowing us to be at the forefront of this frontier for many years to come.

Faculty in this area of research include: