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Advising & Academic Support

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Undergraduate Studies Office offers academic advising to all undergraduate students studying electrical or computer engineering.

Meeting with an Academic Advisor

All ECE students have an assigned academic advisor.  Each semester, ECE advisors will e-mail their students to inform them of the advising assignments and when students can set up appointments for their mandatory advising meeting.  Students can schedule these advising meetings through advising appointment website; please make sure you schedule your meetings with your assigned advisor.

Reasons to meet with an ECE Undergraduate Advisor

Make sure you're on track for graduation and fulfilling the program requirements (get a degree check-up!).

  • Get help choosing classes for future semesters
  • Discuss academics or difficulties with campus life (Tutoring Resources)
  • Learn about any new program policies or requirements

How often should I meet with an ECE Undergraduate Advisor?

Prior to registration, you are required to meet with your assigned advisor at least once a semester to make sure that you are on track for graduation.  We also like to touch base with you to discuss your academic progress and to assess your satisfaction with your experiences in ECE thus far.

Scheduling Advising Appointments

Given the undergraduate enrollment, we ask students to follow these guidelines when scheduling advising appointments:

  • Schedule your appointment with your assigned advisor; our office will cancel your appointment if you schedule with the wrong advisor.
  • Advising appointments may be scheduled through our advising appointment website or by calling our office at 301-405-3685. Please do not send advising appointment requests by e-mail.
  • If you are not able to make it to your appointment, we ask that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time; this will allow other students to schedule for that time.
  • Students who are no shows to their advising appoitnment or cancel their appointment at the last minute, will not be seen until the end of the advising period. 

Non-ECE Majors

  • Current Clark School of Engineering students: Any current Engineering majors interested in ECE, please contact the ECE Undergraduate Studies Office to meet with an advisor in our department.
  • Current non-Engineering students at UMD: Due to the limited enrollment nature of all the Engineering majors, we cannot advise any non-Engineering student at the University.  Non-Engineering majors are welcome to contact the Clark School's Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Support at