Semesters Offered

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of integrated semiconductor electronics
  • Understand the basic function of active elements (MOS and bipolar transistors)
  • Understand the basic functional elements of an integrated circuit (current sources, active loads)
  • Develop an ability to design and to analyze single-stage analog amplifier circuits (common-emitter (source), followers, cascodes and differential pairs)
  • Develop an ability to synthesize the single stage units into a multistage amplifier
  • Develop an ability to perform basic time-domain and frequency-domain analysis of these circuits
  • Develop an ability to design and build basic digital circuits: logic gates (NAND/NOR/Inverter, etc.)
  • Understand the function and construction of basic memory circuits: DRAM, SRAM, non-volatiles

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to semiconductor electronic
  • How to make an integrated resistor, diode, capacitor
  • How MOS and bipolar transistors work
  • Basic single-stage amplifier design: (common-emitter (source), followers, cascodes and differential pairs)
  • Multi-stage design
  • Time and frequency domain analysis
  • Digital gates: NAND/NOR/Inverter
  • Memory circuits: DRAM/SRAM and non-volatiles

[1] Credit only granted for: ENEE302 or ENEE303.