Credits: 3


Prerequisites: ENEE489Q or permission of instructor.

A guided investigation and seminar course, in which advanced undergraduates assess potentially transformative applications of quantum technology. Students work in teams of two or three, with faculty guidance, to explore the research landscape across disciplines of interest to them, in order to assess promising new approaches for interdisciplinary, translational, pre-start-up, and/or start-up-ready quantum technology. Students read the relevant literature, examine the needs of potential technology users, and interact as needed with relevant faculty, students, postdocs, and potential customers and investors. For each of two projects per student team during the semester, a "case-study" is generated to assess and recommend possible paths forward for the quantum technology being assessed. Results can be provided to the researchers whose technology is assessed; and may inform new interdisciplinary research or translation.

Semesters Offered

Fall 2024