Credits: 3


Prerequisite: ENEE620 and ENEE630.
Credit only granted for: ENEE739A or ENEE632.
Formerly: ENEE739A.
The objective is to apply digital signal processing techniques to speech and music signals. Topics covered include acoustic theory of speech production leading to the source-filter model; acoustic and digital vocal-tract models of speech production; speech analysis-synthesis based on the short-time Fourier transform, linear prediction, and homomorphic representations; extensions to other multiresolution analysis; time-domain models for speech processing; auditory perception and speech perception; waveform and model-based speech coding using scalar and vector quantization; time-scale modification; pitch and formant estimation; application of techniques to music analysis-synthesis.

Semesters Offered

Spring 2018, Spring 2020, Spring 2022, Spring 2024