Booz Allen Colloquium: "Verification & Control of Hybrid Systems," Prof. Claire Tomlin

Friday, October 28, 2011
3:00 p.m.
1110 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Bldg.
Carrie Hilmer
301 405 4471

Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium in Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems Using Reachability Analysis"

Prof. Claire Tomlin
University of California-Berkeley


This talk will present reachability analysis as a tool for model checking and controller synthesis for dynamic systems.  We will consider the problem of guaranteeing reachability to a given desired subset of the state space while satisfying a safety property defined in terms of state constraints. We allow for nonlinear and hybrid dynamics, and possibly nonconvex state constraints.  We use these results to synthesize controllers that ensure safety and reachability properties under bounded model disturbances that vary continuously. We also consider the effects of sampling and quantization. The resulting control policy is an explicit feedback law involving both a selection of continuous inputs and discrete switching commands at each time instant, based upon measurement of system state. We discuss real time implementations of this, and present several examples from multiple aerial vehicle control, human-robot interaction, and multiple player games.


Claire Tomlin is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, where she holds the Charles A. Desoer Chair in Engineering.  She held the positions of Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor at Stanford from 1998-2007, and in 2005 joined Berkeley.  She received the Erlander Professorship of the Swedish Research Council in 2009, a MacArthur Fellowship in 2006, and the Eckman Award of the American Automatic Control Council in 2003.  She works in hybrid systems and control, with applications to air traffic systems, robotics, and biology.

Audience: Campus  Clark School  All Students  Graduate  Undergraduate  Prospective Students  K-12  Faculty  Staff  Post-Docs  Corporate 

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