Booz Allen Colloquium: "GPS Denied Location and Mapping"

Friday, April 18, 2014
3:00 p.m.
Stanley Zupnik Lecture Hall, Rm. 1110, Jeong Kim Engineering Building
Carrie Hilmer
301 405 4471

Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium in Electrical and Computer Engineering

"GPS Denied Location and Mapping"

Dr.Carole Teolis
TRX Systems


The proliferation of smartphones and advances in the small, low cost sensors inside them are beginning to enable Apps that can provide location indoors for extended periods without GPS.  However, providing accurate indoor location based on dead reckoning using the phone’s low quality sensors is challenging.  Variations in how users carry their phones and even changes in carrying location during tracking, for example from taking a call, to texting, or simply carrying the phone in a pocket or purse adds more complexity because it changes the reference frame of the phone relative to the user.  As a consequence, tracking accurately for any reasonable period of time requires aiding signals and sensors.  Many of the available sensors such as a compass or Wi-Fi offer poor quality aiding indoors.  In this talk I will highlight some of the approaches companies are taking to solve the problem of obtaining accurate indoor location and the difficult problems that remain.  I will review the work that TRX Systems has done in the area of tracking and mapping. 


Dr. Carole Teolis has over 15 years experience in engineering research and technical management in signal processing and control systems design. She is the CTO and was part of the founding team of TRX Systems, a high-technology Maryland company whose primary focus is to combine advances in miniature electronic sensors and innovative signal processing techniques to yield low-cost/high performance personal location-aware devices. TRX has delivered innovative location technology and developments for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, DARPA, and TSWG.  Prior to TRX, Dr. Teolis was vice president of systems engineering at Techno-Sciences.  She holds two patents for applications in gas turbine engine health monitoring and has multiple patents pending for the TRX location technology.
Dr. Teolis holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics and B.S, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.


Audience: Public  Campus  Clark School  All Students  Graduate  Undergraduate  Faculty  Post-Docs  Alumni 

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