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Chellappa in the News for Smart Surveillance Technology

Chellappa in the News for Smart Surveillance Technology

Prof. Rama Chellappa
Prof. Rama Chellappa

ECE Professor Rama Chellappa (ECE/UMIACS/CS) is in the news for his video surveillance technology, which incorporates human gait and face recognition capabilities into camera surveillance systems. Chellappa's artificial intelligence system can reliably monitor surveillance images to detect certain suspicious movements or individuals and alert human security personnel.

Using video data from digital surveillance cameras and corresponding algorithms, Chellappa and his research assistants have developed a compact, digital signature for characterizing human gait and corresponding activities, such as humans carrying objects like backpacks, handbags, or briefcases. By defining these signatures, the system can recognize unique patterns in human gait and automatically detect asymmetric movement, such as an individual walking with a hidden object tied to an ankle or wrist.

The Maryland team has also developed advanced face recognition software that can be combined with their gait recognition technology. This face recognition technology can be used to watch for known terrorists, spies or criminals and help to identify unknown individuals who might turn up repeatedly in sensitive locations or who have been present during multiple criminal or terrorist acts.

Chellappa and his team now are working to integrate their patent-pending technologies into a comprehensive surveillance system for use in security-sensitive locations. A complete press release about his research can be seen at: (Also see: Chellappa Earns Patent, TV Coverage for Smart Surveillance Technology.)

An Associated Press story released yesterday received wide national and international attention. News stories regarding Chellappa's research have appeared in publications across the globe, including:

Anchorage Daily News

Australian IT

Baltimore Sun

Boston Globe

Business Week

China Daily

Denver Post

Durham Herald Sun

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Fox News

Fox 5 TV News, Washington DC (Video Clip)

Globe and Mail

Guardian Unlimited

Houston Chronicle

Independent Online

International Herald Tribune

Los Angeles Chronicle

Los Angeles Times

Miami Herald

MIT Technology Review


New Orleans Times Picayune


NewsFactor Network

Ottawa Recorder

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Francisco Chronicle

San Jose Mercury News

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Seattle Times

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Sydney Morning Herald

Taipei Times

Tuscaloosa News

USA Today

Washington Post

Wilmington News Journal


WJZ News

WKRN-TV, Nashville


Worcester Telegram

Wyoming News

February 26, 2007

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