ECE Ph.D. Student Shanchuan Liang Recognized for Research in Sustainable Energy

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Sanchuan Liang

ECE Graduate Student Shanchuan Liang has been awarded the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Hulka Energy Research Fellowship.  After earning his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University, Liang joined UMD to continue his research in 2D magnets, multiferroics, and spintronics.  He is advised by Professor Cheng Gong. At UMD, he has contributed to five publications, including a listing as first author in Nature Electronics.

Established in 2008, the Hulka Energy Research Fellowship supports graduate student research in specific energy fields: advanced solar energy conversion, fuels and power from sustainable biological processes, renewable wind energy, or ocean thermal or wave energy or geothermal energy conversion. The fellowship is awarded through the University of Maryland Energy Innovation Institute (MEI²).

Liang’s proposal seeks to advance renewable wind energy technology by developing innovative two-dimensional (2D) magnets. These magnets are designed to be stronger and more resistant to demagnetization than traditional materials, aiming to enhance the efficiency, durability, and operational range of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators in wind turbines. Successful implementation of this research could greatly decrease wind energy expenses, thereby accelerating the transition to sustainable energy sources.

As noted in his fellowship proposal, Liang “believes in the transformative impact of his work on advancing sustainable technological solutions.”  He adds, “I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue these endeavors at the University of Maryland.” 

Published March 8, 2024