BAE Systems Controls Instructional Laboratory

3209 Jeong H. Kim Building

This lab supports undergraduate and graduate students in controls-related courses throughout the school. Experimental stations will feature personal computers, data-acquisition boards and conditioning modules, signal generators and oscilloscopes. Each station hosts a series of physical experiments from motion control to fluids transport, illustrating common phenomena that complicate control design such as transport delay, instability, nonlinearity, resonance, and saturation.

For advanced student projects, there will be a microcontroller development station and a high-speed, DSP-based control station. Instructors will be able to assemble an appropriate set of controls lab experiences from a collection of self-contained modules. Topics such as identification, robust design, adaptive and nonlinear control will be studied in practice.

Gil Blankenship

Professor and Associate Chair for External Affairs
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William Levine

Research Professor
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Rama Chellappa

College Park Professor
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