Bionanosensors Lab

4452 A.V. Williams Building

The Bionanosensors lab is dedicated to the development of nanoscale electronic and photonic devices for biological screening applications. Some completed projects include the development of a low-cost technique for rapid identification of viral infection using LAMP (loop mediated DNA amplification), and the development of carbon nanotube field effect transistor arrays to detect DNA-DNA binding. LAMP is currently used in some tropical nations for screening of Dengue virus, Leptospira and other tropical infectious pathogens. About 100 units are currently validated, deployed and used in the Philippines. The latter project is used for genomic testing of Shiga-toxin E. coli and the screening of HER2/neu gene over-expression in breast cancer tumors.  The method is protected under US and foreign patents, and it is used by 4 of the 10 winners of the NCI nanotechnology start-up challenge in 2015. 

Romel Gomez

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