Signals and Information Group

2211 Jeong H. Kim Building & 2454 A.V. Williams Building

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The Signal and Information Group (SIG) of University of Maryland, College Park is led by Professor K. J. Ray Liu with research interests encompassing a broad spectrum of signal processing and communications, including wireless communications; network science; multimedia signal processing; information forensics and security; bioinformatics; and signal processing algorithms and architectures.

  • Cooperative communications and networking
  • Cognitive radio communications, networking, and security
  • Game theory for resource allocations and wireless networking
  • MIMO, space-time-frequency coding, network coding for wireless communications
  • Social learning, social network analytics, and behavior dynamics
  • Key management for secure group communications
  • Multimedia fingerprinting and traitor tracing
  • Information forensics
  • Network security
  • Signal and image processing for biomedical and bioinformatics
  • Parallel algorithms and architectures for signal processing

Min Wu

Distinguished University Professor
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