Dachman-Soled Receives Grant to Study Coding Schemes Used in Cryptography

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Assistant Professor Dana Dachman-Soled (ECE/UMIACS/MC2) has received a three-year, $500K award from the National Science Foundation titled, “Meta Coding and Applications in Cryptography.”

Coding schemes are used in cryptography to achieve secret sharing schemes with various properties. Secret sharing schemes are then used to construct secure multiparty computation protocols. Recently, coding schemes that are resilient to adversarial manipulation (or tampering) of the codeword as well as leakage of information about the codeword have been introduced and explored.

The project aims to unify the various types of coding schemes used in cryptography under a single framework. The goal is to then define and construct coding schemes that can be used to achieve secure multiparty computation protocols that remain secure under broader types of corruption patterns as well as to construct manipulation detection codes for broader types of tampering.

Published September 23, 2019