More Recognition for Professor Howard Milchberg’s Research

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L to R: Andrew Tartaro, Howard Milchberg, Andrew Goffin

The May 2023 online issue of Optics & Photonics News features a story on research conducted by
Professor Milchberg’s lab. Titled “Guiding Light with Light”, the article discusses groundbreaking
discoveries that could someday result in waveguides that could direct laser beams through the air over
long-scale distances.

Having broken records earlier this year with a pulsed air waveguiding experiment reaching 50-meters in
a campus hallway (see the articles in Physical Review X , Physics , and University of Maryland news
channels), Milchberg’s lab is continuing their work in this field. Most recently, in a Memorandum in
Optica, they have demonstrated how to transfigure thin air into a continually operating fiber optic cable
that can guide light for long distances.

As this cutting-edge research further develops, the impact could continue to receive national and
international recognition.

Published May 8, 2023