Devices, Circuits and Electronic Materials

Microelectronics faculty have internationally recognized research programs in the hardware that enables our newest technology, from cell phones to clean energy distribution. Research that extends the nanoelectronics revolution into the 21st century, including two-dimensional materials, solid state devices, high resolution CMOS sensors and nanoscale mixed-signal circuit design, exposes students to the forefront of these fields. UMD is very active in the new Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, and their applications which are giving rise to a revolution in power electronics and green energy.   Our advanced research in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems or MEMS is enabling a new generation in micro and nano-robotics.  Researchers at UMD not only design, but also build these futuristic devices at the multi-million-dollar Maryland Nanofabrication Center. Devices and circuits designed and patented have also paved the way to high-tech startups and related entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Faculty members in this area of research include:

^Faculty Emeritus