Professor Mayergoyz and Alumnus Tyagi Publish Book, “Pulse Width Modulation in Power Electronics”

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A new book titled “Pulse Width Modulation in Power Electronics,” written by Distinguished University Professor Isaak Mayergoyz and Dr. Siddarth Tyagi (Ph.D. ‘21), was recently published by the World Scientific Publishing Company. The book provides a theoretical discussion of pulse width modulation (PWM) in power electronic inverters. Pulse width modulation is widely used for the frequency control of speed of ac motors, the design of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) as well as the integration of renewable energy sources into existing power grid systems. PWM technique is based on approximation of sinusoidal waveforms by sequences (trains) of rectangular pulses whose widths are properly modulated. This width-modulation results in the suppression of low order harmonics at the expense of amplification of high order harmonics which are suppressed by energy-storage elements in load circuits. Mayergoyz and Tyagi detail various PWM techniques with a focus on the optimal time-domain PWM techniques.

Professor Mayergoyz currently teaches Power Systems and Power Electronics. As a world renowned scholar in his field, focusing on electrophysics, Dr. Mayergoyz has published 16 books and has written or co-written over 400 scientific papers.

While at Maryland, Tyagi was advised by Professor Mayergoyz. Tyagi recently completed his Ph.D. in electrical engineering, with experience in power electronics, power systems, controls theory and optimization.

Published May 25, 2021