Choi Wins Gold at 20th Samsung Humantech Paper Awards

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Jonghyun Choi, a doctoral candidate in ECE, has won prestige for his latest research on a classification generalization technique used in computer vision.

Jongyhun Choi, an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student, won Gold Prize in Signal Processing at the 20th Annual Samsung Humantech Paper Awards, held February 12, 2014.

Choi’s research focused on a classification generalization technique used for object and image recognition problems in computer vision. He is associated with UMIACS and the Center for Automation Research and is advised by Professor Larry Davis (ECE/CS).

This annual paper competition held by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. accepts submissions in ten fields. More than 200 papers are submitted per field, yet only a small percentage of papers are awarded prizes. In each field the following prizes are awarded: 1 gold prize, 2 silver prizes, 3 bronze prizes, and 2 honor prizes. Jongyhun Choi and his advisor will receive monetary gifts in addition to this honor.

Congratulations Jongyhun!

Published April 3, 2014