Vishkin To Give Invited Talk on Parallel Computing at Indiana University

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Professor Uzi Vishkin (ECE/UMIACS) will give an invited talk at Indiana University on Friday, November 2. The talk, titled "Single-Threaded Parallel Programming for Multi-Threaded Many-Core Design," is part of Indiana’s School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering CS Colloquium Series - Distinguished Speaker Series.

Prof. Vishkin will explain that when textbook (PRAM) parallel algorithms are expressed directly as presented in such textbooks, namely as single-threaded programs, they can still be automatically translated into efficient multi-threaded ones, ultimately demonstrating that it is feasible to achieve the best of both worlds: (i) easy programming for parallelism, in line with the theory of parallel algorithms, and (ii) efficient implementation, achieving strong scalable many-core performance.

To see a full abstract on Prof. Vishkin's talk, go here.

Published September 26, 2018