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Hu, Liangbing

Hu, Liangbing

Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Materials Innovation
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Electrical and Computer Engineering
1208 Engineering Lab Building


Ph.D., UCLA, 2007

Nanomaterials and nanostructures; energy storage: battery, supercapacitors for various applications; energy conversion: solar cells, solar fuel, transparent electrode, light-trapping; printed electronics including nano-ink, roll-to-roll printing, flexible electronics (display, touch screen, energy), and wearable devices.

  • The Bing Research Group works at the intersections of three fields: Nanomaterials, energy, and flexible electronics.
  • Current projects in nanomaterials include synthesis and nanomanufacturing, and the structure, properties and applications of materials. Areas of interest include nanocellulose (1D) and 2D materials.
  • The group's work in the design of energy-related devices include investigations of sodium-ion batteries, garnet-based solid state batteries, lithium-sulfer dioxide bateries, and nanobatteries.
  • Professor Hu has also become well known for his creation of flexible electronic materials and devices, such as transparent "nanopaper," nanotube ink, energy textiles, and tiny, printed antennae.

Professor Hu teaches "Nanotechnology for Energy: Principles, Materials and Devices" at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Professor Hu is also active in mentoring and outreach activities, including serving as an advisor to a Gemstone honors program team, hosting visits from high school students in Women In Engineering's LEAD Academy summer program, a partnership with Wheaton High School to create summer internships and new science lessons, and talking to visitors of all ages about materials science at Maryland Day.

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Selected Patents and Patent Applications

  • G. Gruner, L. Hu, D. Hecht, Graphene Film as Transparent and Electrically Conducting Material, Issued, US 7449133, 2006.
  • Y. Cui, L. Hu, H. Wu, Cu Nanofiber Transparent Electrode, Nonprovisional STFD259P1.
  • L. Hu, J. Choi, Y. Yang, Y. Cui, Conductive Paper and Textile for Electronics, Stanford, Nonprovisional S09-252.

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