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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Biofilm treatment device receives TEDCO MII funding; paper published in IEEE TBME
In latest development, the researchers have miniaturized the platform and are able to control it through wireless signals.  October 19, 2018  More »

Bhattacharyya awarded NIH Grant to Explore Real-time Neural Decoding for Calcium Imaging
Bhattacharyya and Rong Chen, University of Maryland Baltimore, are PIs for a $696K NIH grant to develop the RNDC-Lab software platform.  October 8, 2018  More »

Shoukry, Krishnaprasad receive NSF grant for resilient-by-cognition cyber-physical systems
The researchers will equip autonomous systems with an additional layer of intelligence to improve safety and resilience.  October 1, 2018  More »

NSF funds Shamma, Espy-Wilson for neuromorphic and data-driven speech segregation research
The project will investigate how mimicking the brain's auditory processing can address AI signal processing challenges.  September 25, 2018  More »

New pyroelectric system transmits power wirelessly, harvesting and storing energy from heat source
This is the first time high-frequency-cycled pyroelectric energy conversion has been successfully combined with the ability to recharge batteries.  September 21, 2018  More »

Sennur Ulukus receives NSF grant to address important data-related medical device issue
When implanted medical devices transmit and process data, they can generate heat detrimental to body tissues.  September 11, 2018  More »

Pristine quantum light source created at the edge of silicon chip
Researchers have demonstrated a new approach that enables different devices to repeatedly emit nearly identical single photons.  September 10, 2018  More »

NSF grant for Ghodssi, Bentley furthers research of flexible devices to combat biofilms
The researchers will combine applied microbiology with engineering disciplines to explore the complex interactions between flexible sensors, bacterial biofilms, and bioelectric treatment.  September 7, 2018  More »

Bridging the Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems
UMD researchers receive $1.5 M NSF grant to develop first-of-kind bioelectronics.  July 18, 2018  More »

Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing
UMD researchers have demonstrated the first single-photon transistor using a semiconductor chip.  July 5, 2018  More »